Knowledge.  Organized the way you need it.

Our method ends your madness.

Our goal at Sknowflake is to organize the knowledge you need so you can find it, understand it, and use it, anywhere, any time, all from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

Sknowflake apps provide the information you need in bite sized "flakes" of knowledge.  Sknowflake enables you to absorb, understand and put this knowledge to use.  Our apps include the tools you need to work problems, troubleshoot concepts and interactively study the parts you need, without wading through reams you don't need. 

Topical knowledge.  Delivered.  Your way.  At your convenience.  On your phone.

Physics 101 App 

All the content of a typical first semester physics class is put into a convenient package:

  • Similar organization to the most popular textbooks.
  • Calculator preloaded with relevant equations.
  • Short videos that give demos, work example problems, and explain concepts.
  • Q&A section manned by physics professors and professional scientists.  Ask anything--it will get answered.

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