A Sknowfall of Knowledge

Our world is filled with data.  Sknowflake's mission is to cut through the information overload and provide simplified, organized access to the highest quality knowledge, available when and where you need it, in a form that is easy to consume and use.

We partner with the highest-quality content providers to ensure that you can learn from accurate, concise presentations of complex topics.  We moderate our forums personally to ensure that you get the answers you need.  There will be no clutter in our Sknowflakes--just a pure, newfallen Sknowfall.

Simplified Knowledge

Our vision is to make learning easy and interactive by providing multiple ways to access the most important concepts, embodied in the highest quality tools and media. 

In a world where everyone with a keyboard becomes a self-proclaimed expert, we are partnering with the very best content providers in the world to fulfill this vision. This is our pledge to you: the most important concepts made simple.

No dirt.  Just knowledge, 99% pure.