Physics 102: Electricity & Magnetism

The second physics app should be out in time for spring semester in order to continue to provide a pocket learning tool.  It will cover electric charge, electric and magnetic fields, circuits, capacitance and inductance, Maxwell's equations and more.

Chemistry 101

The Chemistry 101 app will cover topics typically included in a first semester chemistry class, including components of atoms and molecules, reactions, kinetics, gasses, energy flow and conservation, chemical bonding and electron configuration, intermolecular forces and phase changes, and other topics. 

Chemistry 102

This app will cover topics typically included in the second semester chemistry course, including properties of solutions, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, acids and bases, entropy and free energy and electrochemistry. 

The Science & Engineering Portfolio

After Physics and Chemistry we'll turn to Biology, Engineering, and then more advanced subjects including specific engineering topics, materials, thermodynamics, organic and inorganic chemistry, modern physics, astronomy, and others. 

Mathematical Subjects

Starting with Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus, we'll try to break down the topics and build up calculators to make the subjects more easily understood, easier to digest and absorb.

Other Courses

With a broad vision of providing multiple looks at different sets of information, we will be investigating different subject areas including US history, world history, grammar, spoken languages, the Bible, and other content-rich subjects.  We will continue to partner with experts in the field to provide the highest quality content.